Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Texas v. United States: Supreme Court Grants Texas Eight Day Extension to Respond to U.S. Government's Cert Petition, Case Set to Be Heard this Term

Lyle Dennison on SCOTUSBlog reports that the Supreme Court yesterday granted 26x states an extra eight days to respond to the Obama administration’s petition for certiorari in Texas v. United States, in which the Fifth Circuit affirmed a preliminary injunction barring the implementation of the President's expanded deferred action program.  Texas had asked for a 30 day extension.  The shorter extension "makes it more likely that the case, United States v. Texas, will go before the Justices this Term."  Texas has until December 29 to respond. Denniston states that, if cert is granted, the case "could be heard in April and decided before the summer recess. . . . The Court normally finishes hearing cases in a Term in April, and does not like to go beyond that schedule."


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