Thursday, December 24, 2015

Five Biggest Immigration Whoppers in the GOP Debate


The Niskananen Center, a self-described libertarian think tank, has sought to correct the record from the last Republican debate in which the presidential candidates did not have many positive things to say about immigrants or refugees. Here are the top five misstatements by the GOP presidential hopefuls about immigrants and refugees.

1 – Sen. Rand Paul: “Every terrorist attack we’ve had since 9/11 has been legal immigration.”
2 – Sen. Ted Cruz: “One of the most troubling aspects of the Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight Bill was that it gave President Obama blanket authority to admit refugees, including Syrian refugees without mandating any background checks whatsoever.”
3 – Sen. Rand Paul: “The one thing that might have stopped San Bernardino, might have stopped 9/11, would have been stricter controls on those who came here. And Marco [Rubio]… steadfastly opposed any new border security requirements for refugees or students” in his 2013 immigration bill.
4 – Sen. Ted Cruz: “Do you know how many aliens Bill Clinton deported? 12 million. Do you know how many illegal aliens, George W. Bush deported? 10 million.”
5 – Ben Carson: Refugee camps are “really quite nice.”
Click the link in the first sentence of this post for explanations of the incorrect statements and the truth.

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