Thursday, December 31, 2015

Comparing Modern Refugees with WW2 "DPs"

Ben Shephard, author of The Long Road Home: The Aftermath of the Second World War, spoke with Robert Siegel on All Things Considered today.

Shephard talks about the "straightforward" racial and demographic preferences countries had when accepting displaced persons (DPs) after WW2. "You wanted young, healthy, men or women. You didn't really want dependents." Apparently the UK also favored Baltic DPs, believing they were "racially compatible" and assimilated better than other groups.

The piece features clips from a U.S. Army WW2 news reel, which concludes with this wonderful statement: "For today we realize that our half of the world, the American half, cannot remain well if the other half is sick. We realize that we must rehabilitate these displaced persons for our own interests and self preservation as well as theirs."

Here's the full report:


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