Thursday, December 31, 2015

Call the White House to Stop the Planned Family Raids and Deportations

Alianza Americas, formerly NALACC is leading an urgent call-in effort between December 29th - January 4th - calling on President Obama to call off the proposed raids intended to capture and deport children and families seeking refuge from violence and insecurity in Central America.

Targets are said to be those from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who arrived this past year, who missed their deportation hearings and thus were ordered deported in absentia.

CALL the Whitehouse: 202-456-1414

Call on President Obama to direct DHS and ICE to not conduct these raids and deportations.

talking points
1) Many have not had legal representation
2) Rushed timeframes - on the "rocket docket" pushing their cases very quickly through the system
3) Root Causes of extreme violence and poverty have not been addressed- and people will be getting deported to some of the most dangerous countries
4) The asylum laws and categories are quite outdated and need to be reformed - (written post WWII) and do not often reflect the current situations and contexts of fear and violence
5) Individuals, children and families fleeing high levels of violence and insecurity from our neighboring countries - deserve protection and humanitarian support- not deportation.



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