Saturday, November 28, 2015

Compilation of On-Line Symposium on Texas v. United States

Over the last couple of weeks, the ImmigrationProf blog has been posting contributions comprising an on-line symposium on the U.S. Court of Appeals decision in Texas v. United States.  Here is a compilation of the contributions to date.  We hope to be receiving more in the coming weeks.

Jason Cade:  On Categorical Nonenforcement Decisions in Immigration Law

Stephanie Medina and Holly Cooper: Rolling the DAPA and DACA Stone Uphill to the SCOTUS

Maritza Reyes: The Fifth Circuit in Texas v. United States Chose and Advocated the Term “Illegal Alien”

Leticia Saucedo:  Employment Authorization, the DAPA Memo and the Fifth Circuit’s Opinion

Michael Kagan:  The Uses and Abuses of Notice and Comment

Commentary of Peter Margulies

Summary of the Fifth Circuit Opinion (Nov. 9, 2015) by Sadie Weller, Student, UC Davis School of Law

Commentary of Stephen H. Legomsky

Shoba Sivaprasad WadhiaSeeking to Understand the Fifth Circuit Ruling on Deferred Action


Selected News about Texas v. United States

Fifth Circuit Issues Revised Opinion in Texas v. United States

Texas Seeks Extension to Respond to Cert Petition in Texas v. United States, Trying to Run Out the Clock?

The U.S. Government's Arguments in the Petition for Certiorari in Texas v. United States              

DAPA Turns One: Will It Ever Go Into Effect?

U.S. Seeks to Appeal 5th Circuit DAPA Decision

Fifth Circuit Affirms Injunction of Obama's Expanded Deferred Action Program


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