Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paul Ryan Will Not Push for Immigration Reform

From the Beacon:

Congressman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) told fellow Republicans members on Tuesday evening that he will not pursue immigration reform legislation if he is elected Speaker of the House next week.

A spokesman for the Ways and Means Committee chairman said that Ryan does not believe President Barack Obama to be an honest broker on the immigration issue, and would avoid the divisiveness that comes with immigration reform efforts while Obama remains in the White House.

Ryan “understands that we can’t address that issue with a president we can’t trust,” spokesman Brendan Buck said in an email.

The pledge aims to head off criticism from immigration hardliners in the House Republican caucus such as Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa), who vowed a “major intraparty battle over immigration” if Ryan seeks the speaker’s gavel. Read more...


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