Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bobby Jindal: Trump is a madman who must be stopped



Hmm.  It seems fair to say that, based on this CNN commentaryLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a competitor for the Republican nomination for the Presidency, is no fan of fellow contestant -- I mean candidate -- Donald TrumpAlthough not criticizing any of the Donald's positions (including on immigration), Governor Jindal levels some harsh words his way:

"Like all narcissists, Trump is insecure, weak and afraid of being exposed. That's why he's constantly telling us how big and rich and great he is, and how insignificant everyone else is."

"Conservatives need to say what we are thinking: Donald Trump is a madman who must be stopped. Failure to speak out against Trump is an endorsement of Clinton."

"We do need to Make America Great Again. We do need to burn down Washington. We do need to eradicate political correctness. But we will not achieve that by nominating a walking punch line.'



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