Wednesday, September 23, 2015

American Muslims: Fact versus Fiction

This week one of the leading GOP Presidential candidates, Dr. Ben Carson, announced that all  Muslims should be disqualified from ever becoming President of the United States simply based on their faith. In Texas, a 14-year old student was arrested for inventing a clock that his teacher mistook for a bomb. The student happened to be Muslim. These two unfortunate events are only the most recent examples of a rising tide of suspicion and fear distorting the views of a segment of the general public.

This short film seeks to set the record straight -- American Muslims: Facts vs. Fiction. This eleven-minute film is the result of thousands of conversations with hundreds of different communities over the past several years, in which we have heard our American neighbors ask the same bias-skewed questions about their Muslim neighbors over and over. The assumptions embedded in these questions, assumptions instilled by the mainstream media, don't match up with the facts on the ground‹who American Muslims are, what they represent, and how they live their lives here.



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