Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Politics of Citizenship and Migration Book Series


Palgrave MacMillan has announced a new Politics of Citizenship and Migration series.  The series publishes exciting new research in all areas of migration and citizenship studies. Open to multiple approaches, the series considers normative, conceptual, comparative, empirical, historical, methodological, and theoretical works. Versatile, the series publishes single and multi-authored monographs, short-form Pivot books, and edited volumes. Broad in its coverage, the series promotes research on citizenship and migration laws and policies, voluntary and forced migration, rights and obligations, demographic change, diasporas, political membership or behavior, public policy, minorities, transformations in sovereignty and political community, border and security studies, statelessness, naturalization, integration and citizen-making, and subnational, supranational, global, corporate, or multilevel citizenship.

Click the link above about who to contact if you have questions about the series.  For full proposals, please use Palgrave's submission form and adhere to the general Palgrave guidelines.



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