Monday, August 24, 2015

Immprof Kari Hong on Deporting Noncitizen Criminals


Immprof Kari Hong tackles the thorny issue of deporting noncitizen criminals in an op-ed recently published by The Boston Globe.

She writes: "although deporting [noncitizens who have criminal records] may seem like a common sense solution, the way we do it is costly and misguided."

Kari highlights the fact that the civil detention of noncitizens with criminal records is expensive. And that the process captures "criminals" who are, it turns out, often not dangerous. She also notes that "the seriousness of an offense is based on crude categories rather than how criminal courts view the crime," leading to unjust deportation decisions.

The piece not only critiques the current system, it offers a solution. Kari suggests that every migrant who commits a crime should have a "meaningful hearing" before an immigration judge who could determine who merits a second chance "and whose conduct was serious enough to forfeit the right to remain here."


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