Sunday, July 12, 2015

Time: "Donald Trump Outdoes Himself In Defiant Phoenix Speech", Calls for the Return of the "Silent Majority"





Celebrity businessman Donald Trump continues to play the immigration card in jumpstarting his campaign for the Republican nomination for President.  And his harsh message on immigrants -- and anything foreign -- is not going away.

Time reports that, at a public event in Phoenix, Trump brought back the ghost of Richard Nixon in claiming to speak for a “silent majority” of Americans who are frustrated with the direction of the country. He appeared energized by the pushback his candidacy has received from the Republican Party and his primary opponents after suggesting weeks ago that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and criminals. "In a rambling speech to a crowd of thousands in the Phoenix Convention Center, he struck a potent combination of populist and protectionist policies, designed to tap into the undercurrent of unease within American society." “We’re going to make America great again.”

According to the New York Times, "The speech, hosted by the Republican Party of Maricopa County, drew several thousand people to the Phoenix Convention Center, making it one of the largest events for any candidate so far, though short of the crowd of 10,000 predicted by the Trump campaign. Outside, in the 100-degree desert heat, supporters who could not make it into the room waved American flags and sparred with a smaller but vocal group of protesters."

For a story on the speech from the Arizona Republic, click here.


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