Monday, July 13, 2015

The Pier 14 Shooting: San Francisco's Sanctuary City Policy in the Spotlight

California report

KQED's California Report considers the divergent opinions about San Francisco's policy toward undocumented immigrants and its status as a so-called "Sanctuary City." The latest controversy started after Francisco Sanchez -- an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who was released from the county jail in April -- was arrested and charged with murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle. She was shot and killed with a gun as she walked along a waterfront pier with her father. Sanchez had been repeatedly deported and re-entered the U.S. illegally. The tragedy set off a firestorm with presidential candidate Donald Trump fueling the flames; then the mayor, sheriff, the federal government and police all started pointing fingers at each other. So much of this debate -- it's become part of the presidential campaign now -- focuses on why this undocumented immigrant was released in San Francisco by the sheriff -- without notifying federal immigration authorities. Host Scott Shafer speaks about sanctuary cities and the complexities of immigration law with Kevin Johnson, Dean of UC Davis Law School.


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