Monday, July 27, 2015

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates? Immigrant Amor in the Air

Oswaldo diaz

Christine Armaio of the Associated Press reports on an interesting twist to immigrant love.   On weekday evenings, immigrants from Latin America and living in Los Angeles and throughout the United States listen to Oswaldo Diaz's show and get an inside look at the love lives of immigrants. Diaz fields calls from lovesick listeners wondering if wives left behind in Mexico, deported husbands, and love interests remain faithful despite the separation. He calls their unsuspecting partners pretending to be from a company offering to send a free heart-shaped box of chocolates to "someone special" on their behalf. Do they send it to their significant other or someone else? 

Diaz's show is broadcast by Entravision and reaches over 2 million people nationwide. "El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata" features many of the staples of a "Sabado Gigante" type variety show.  Diaz's segment on love called "El Chokolatazo" or "The Big Chocolate" is the most popular.  "In more than 10 years of doing the show, Diaz has witnessed marriage proposals, heartwarming reconciliations and a fair share of scornful breakups."


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