Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hecklers Interrupt Jeb Bush's Campaign Launch with Immigration Demands

Jeb Bush launched his 2016 presidential campaign yesterday. Immigration activists attended the event wearing shirts that spelled out "LEGAL STATUS IS NOT ENOUGH."

Here's a photo from the twitter feed of journalist Eli Yokley:


According to Bloomberg news, the protesters revealed their shirts "midway through" Bush's speech and began chanting. This "led to a standoff as his supporters applauded loudly to drown out their voices. As they began to leave the building, chants of "USA! USA" broke out and Bush ad-libbed an answer them."

His answer, which can be heard clearly in the video clip below, was this: "The next president of the United States will pass meaningful immigration reform so that will be resolved—not by executive order."

Now that's what I call a campaign launch!



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