Wednesday, June 17, 2015

From the Bookshelves: Freedom for All: An Attorney's Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking


Freedom for All: An Attorney's Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking (American Bar Association 2015), 254 pages.

Human trafficking is the reprehensible practice of physically or psychologically compelling someone to work or provide commercial sex services. An estimated 27 million people are currently enslaved worldwide, with – as of 2012 – less than 1% identified. To shrink that gap, a variety of professionals – especially attorneys – are needed to integrate identification and prevention strategies into their practices.

Human trafficking is an issue of public safety, health, migration, development, corporate practices, labor, and immigration – all of which intersect with the law. Only with additional information, tools, and resources can attorneys truly understand the various opportunities available to them to transform their interest in combatting human trafficking into action.

Justice for All: An Attorney’s Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking is the first book of its kind to address the global scale of human trafficking while preparing attorneys to bridge the gap between the less than 1% identified and the 27 million enslaved, increasing identification, expanding assistance for trafficked persons, and preventing human trafficking overall. This book also discusses why attorneys must be involved in eradicating human trafficking and why the scale of the problem is simply too vast to conquer without their engagement. Finally, it outlines the different ways to engage in anti-trafficking work, including identification among existing clients, pro bono representation, corporate and policy development, non-profit support and governance, and more.


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