Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Law and Society Panels on Immigration and Citizenship

As KJ blogged earlier, the annual Law & Society is happening now.

There are many panels on immigration and citizenship. You can do a search here for panels. (Not sure these links will work but it's worth trying: click here for the 21 panels that used the term "immigration," here for the 10 panels that used "citizenship," here for the 3 panels that used the term "crimmigration" and here for the 2 panels that used the word "deportation."

Today, at 2:45 to 4:30 PM, I will be participating in a panel, "Contextualizing Citizenship."


Ruth Gomberg-Munoz, Loyola University Chicago  

Non-Citizen Nationals: Neither Citizens Nor 'Aliens'

Rose Cuison-Villazor, UC Davis School of Law  

Preserving the Exceptional Republic: Political Economy, Race, and the Origins of the Modern Federal Immigration Power 
Matthew Lindsay, University of Baltimore 
The Citizenship Trajectory 
Carolina Núñez, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University  
To Live the Life of a Civilized Being: Hierarchies of Citizenship(s) in a Globalized Age 
Abigail Stepnitz, UC Berkeley  
“Papers? I Can Get Them, but Sometimes, It’s Better Not to Have Them.” 
Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky, University of Washington  
This panel trains a critical lens on the concept of citizenship-an institution that defines political membership; allocates rights, privileges and responsibilities; and shapes civic membership and identity. The first two papers demonstrate how our modern legal construction of citizenship and sovereign power continue to reflect the legacies of race and difference that shaped the governance of outsiders a century ago.

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