Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Immigration Article of the Day: Citizenship Taxation by Ruth Mason


Citizenship Taxation by Ruth Mason, University of Virginia School of Law May 15, 2015 Southern California Law Review, Vol. 89, Forthcoming Virginia Law and Economics Research Paper No. 2015-07

Abstract: The United States is the only country that taxes its citizens’ worldwide income, even when those citizens live indefinitely abroad. This Article critically evaluates the traditional equity, efficiency, and administrability arguments for taxing nonresident citizens. It also raises new arguments against citizenship taxation, including that it puts the United States at a disadvantage when competing with other countries for highly skilled migrants.

Tax and U.S. citizenship is a hot topic and  the subject of a conference in LondonA record number of U.C. citizens renounced their citizenship last year, many citing tax reasons.



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