Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Podcast: Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Immigration Law & Perspectives is a podcast hosted by immigration attorneys Matthew Archambeault (of Philadelphia, PA) and Stephen Robbins (of Yakima, WA). You can subscribe on iTunes. 

This week's podcast features crImmigration prof César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, who spoke about European immigration. César pops up around minute 12:04 and he signs off around 33:00.

The show manages to maintain a slightly irreverent and jovial tone while tackling serious and topical immigration issues. Here's a sample question from Stephen: "Now, if you listen to our politicians here in the United States, you'll know that the solution to our immigration problem is more fencing. Probably a taller one. Probably one that is longer and maybe even electrified ... so ... has Europe considered putting a fence in the Mediterranean sea. If so, how tall?"

I also can't resist noting Stephen's musing on whether Europeans, in arguing that their immigration policies aren't racist, might say: "We're also concerned with protecting the Baltic Sea." Touché.


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