Saturday, April 4, 2015

Supreme Court Immigration Study Profiled on SCOTUSBlog


Amanda Frost, who covers the legal academy for SCOTUSBlog, generously profiles my article analyzing trends in the Supreme Court's immigration decisions from 2009-13 Terms.  She writes that "Although the Supreme Court has frequently departed from the normal rules of constitutional and statutory interpretation in immigration cases, Dean Johnson’s study of the 2009 through 2013 Terms suggests that `immigration exceptionalism' may be on its way out."

In the 2014 Term, the Court has pending decisions in two immigration cases, Kerry v. Din, which implicates the doctrine of consular nonreviewability (and implicates the continuing vitality of the plenary power doctrine), and Mellouli v. Holder,which involves removal based on a state drug paraphernalia conviction based on possession of a sock used to conceal a prescription drug.


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