Thursday, April 2, 2015

Immigrant Women in the United States

This Migration Information Source Spotlight looks at women immigrants in the United States.  Following a history of majority male migration through the mid-20th century, women have migrated to the United States in large numbers as a result of the emphasis on family reunification ushered in by the 1965 Immigration Act. Female immigrants represent 51 percent of the overall foreign-born population, with 21.2 million immigrant women residing in the United States in 2013, out of a total immigrant population of 41.3 million. The female share of the immigrant population is higher in the United States than it is globally, where about 48 percent of the international migrant stock is female. Even as female migration has increased globally since 1980, the share in the United States—the world’s top immigrant destination—has decreased slightly from 53 percent in 1980 to around 51 percent in 2013.


As of 2013, 49 percent (10.5 million) of all immigrant women were naturalized U.S. citizens. (Photo: McBeth/Flickr)


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