Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conference: The Changing Dynamics of Asian Migration in the 21st Century


The Changing Dynamics of Asian Migration in the 21st Century

The central question this symposium interrogates is: how is Asian migration changing? Whether people are coming or going, migration has profound economic, political and cultural impacts in both origin and destination countries. This symposium aims at examining the question of how Asian migration is changing from a comparative, transnationalism and interdisciplinary scholarly perspective as well as an on-the-ground perspective from migrants themselves.

For details on the conference this Friday, click the link above.  For the schedule for the conference, click here.

Sponsors include Asian American Studies/College of Letters and Sciences, Division of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies/University Outreach and International Programs/ Temporary Migration Cluster/Institute for Social Sciences/AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center/East Asian Studies/East Asian Languages & Cultures/Middle Eastern & South Asia Studies/Cultural Studies Graduate Group/Cross Cultural Center/ Women and Gender Studies/ Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance


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