Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsizes in the Mediterranean Sea


ImmigrationProf has previously reported on immigrants daring the voyage from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.  One post referred to "The Mediterranean Graveyard." 

CNN reports on the latest immigration tragedy from that part of the world.  A rescue operation is underway in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying possibly hundreds of migrants from Libya capsized overnight. Rescuers from Italy and Malta reportedly have seen scores of bodies in Libyan waters. Children are among the dead. They're have been 28 survivors so far, while 23 bodies were recovered in an area 73 miles north of Libya. Survivors said that 700 to 800 people had been on board the boat.

UPDATE (Apr. 20):  As of Monday morning in the United States, three more ships of migrants reportedly were in distress in the Mediterranean.

UPDATE (Apr. 22):  CNN relays the compelling stories of some migrants making the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean in search of safe haven.


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