Monday, March 30, 2015

State and City Amicus Briefs In Support of President Obama's Executive Actions

KJ blogged about how Governor Christie recently joined the 26 other states in Texas v. United States in their efforts to stop President Obama's executive action programs. And Kit Johnson's post on "immigration geography" offers a really helpful visual perspective on this matter.

The issue of states' positions on immigration law, however, is more nuanced when we examine the views of other states and cities, including those located in states that are suing the United States.

In particular, there are states that support President Obama's programs.  Indeed, thirteen states (including Washington, California and New York) have filed an amicus brief supporting the United States.  State Attorneys General, including Washington's and California's, also submitted their brief in support of the United States. 

On the municipal level, 33 cities, NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, have also filed their brief on behalf of the United States. Interestingly, the mayors of Newark, NJ and Houston, TX have signed on to this brief.  The mayor of Brownsville, TX also submitted a brief (on behalf of Congresswoman Filemon-Vela (D-Brownsville).


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