Monday, March 30, 2015

Different Practical Realities for Undocumented Immigrants by States

We are all aware that 26 states jointly sued the United States to stop the executive action programs that President Obama issued in November 2014.  As KJ recently blogged, the State of New Jersey is the latest to join this effort. (The most recent development in Texas v. United States may be found here).

These divergent state policies regarding programs for undocumented immigrants have different practical realities for immigrants and their families as reported by Julia Preston in the NYT today. Undocumented immigrants in states such as Texas who are unable to obtain driver's licenses must drive to work and school without one. By contrast, those who live in states such as Washington, which allows all persons to have driver's licenses regardless of immigration status, have been able to drive to school, work, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.  As litigation continues on Texas v. United States, this article reminds us of the importance on examining the impact that a "house divided" on immigration law have on the day-to-day lives of immigrants. 


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