Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sixth Annual UC International Migration Conference


The Sixth Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigration Policy at Varying Scales" Hosted by the University of California Riverside School of Public Policy (SPP at UCR) Friday, February 20, 2015 8am to 5pm UCR Alumni Center

8:15am "Doing the State’s Work on the Local Level: Border Patrol Agents in Arizona" Irene Vega, UCLA

8:45am “Refugees and Immigration Policy in the Middle East” Rawan Arar, UC San Diego

9:15am “Desde la Raya: Fast Food and Immigration in Orange County, California” Eudelio P. Martinez Jr., UC Irvine

10:00am “Community-Based Responses to Central American Immigrants: The Arrival of Unaccompanied Minors at the U.S.-Mexico BorderAdalberto Aguirre, Julisa McCoy, Amy Perry, UC Riverside

10:30am “A Crisis of Media Proportions: News Coverage and Agenda Setting on the Child Migrant Problem” Andrea Silva and Karthick Ramakrishnan, UC Riverside

11:00 am Keynote Remarks by State Senator RICARDO LARA, sponsor of landmark legislation on immigrant integration in California


1:15pm to 2:15pm Roundtable on Undocumented Status and Its Relevance for Politics and Policy Caitlin Patler, UC Irvine Angela Garcia, UC San Diego Maria-Elena DeTrinidad Young, UCLA Jane Lilly López, UC San Diego

2:15pm “Enrolling ‘Good Immigrants’: Soft Logics of Marginality in the Undocumented Underclass” Abigail Andrews, UC San Diego

2:45pm “The Implications Of Fertility And Socio-Demographic Change For U.S. Immigration Policies On Less-Skilled Immigrants” Frank Bean, UC Irvine

3:15pm “The Great Recession and Health Spending Among Citizens and Noncitizens” Arturo Vargas Bustamante, UCLA

4:00pm “Organizing Migration: Examining Exploitation and Innovation Hypotheses for Guest Worker Sponsorship” Peter Norlander, UC Berkeley

4:30pm “Changes in the Transnational Family Practices of Mexican Farm Workers in the Era of Border Militarization” Erin Hamilton and Joanna Hale, UC Davis


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