Thursday, February 19, 2015

AG Nominee Lynch Relies on DOJ's Justification for Obama Deferred Action Programs


Mike Sacks of the National Law Journal reports that Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch deferred to Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.’s Justice Department when asked in a written questionnaire to cite the legal authority for the Obama administration’s executive actions on immigration. “It is my understanding that this issue is currently the subject of pending litigation and that it has been addressed in a brief filed by the department,” Lynch wrote. “I would respectfully refer you to the department’s brief for a full discussion of this issue.”

Late Monday, a federal court entered a preliminary injunction barring the expanded deferred action program from going into effect.  The U.S.  has said that it will appeal. Appeals could take months, perhaps years, and could potentially fall under the guidance of Lynch, if she is confirmed.


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