Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why immigration opponents don’t get it

Jennifer Rubin in "Right Turn" blog -- which offers conservative perspectives -- of the Washington Post states the following about the debate over the economic impacts of immigration:

"For conservatives to argue that immigrants are stealing our jobs and our economy is erroneous, even if one excludes workers without a high school diploma, and the assertion that immigration harms our economy is wrong and frankly embarrassing. We know that those without a high school diploma are the only group of U.S. workers whose wage rates are negatively affected by current immigration, albeit in a tiny amount. The overall benefit from immigration to the economy in productivity, growth, tax revenue and other indicators cannot really be disputed."

Unfortunately, many political leaders, including Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) in questioning Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch yesterday, often accuses immigrant workers of undermining the wage scale and job prospects of U.S. citizens.


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