Sunday, January 18, 2015

Immigration Debate Is 'Our Selma,' Our Civil Rights Movement, Says Rep. Luis Gutierrez

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For Rep. Luis Gutierrez's, D-Ill., the immigration debate is the modern civil rights movement. He is traveling the country to inform people about President Barack Obama's immigration executive actions. On Friday, Gutierrez was in New Jersey.

Gutierrez held a press conference with Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., from the Comunidad Cristiana church in Elizabeth. The lawmakers reiterated their support of Obama's immigration executive action.

"This is the civil rights movement of our time," said Gutierrez. "This is our Selma and we will walk, we will march, we will be arrested, we will do anything and everything it takes to make sure families are protected in this nation."  Gutierrez's words are especially appropriate as teh nation reflects on its civil rights history during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and moviegoers are flocking to the film Selma.

Listen to the New Jersey program at this link.


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