Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sacramento County Sheriff Demands Immigration Reform in Partisan Video to President Obama




In a startling video released yesterday, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has called on President Obama for immigration reform.

The video was a response to the tragic killing in October of two law enforcement officers by a man who apparently had been deported on two occasions and reentered the country without authorization.  Sheriff Jones in a somewhat rambling yet unquestionably partisan seven-minute plus video lamented the problems caused by noncitizens who commit crimes (falsely suggesting that immigrants commit more crimes on the average than U.S. citizens, which is contrary to the social science literature), singled out the President for blame for failing to pass immigration reform and to effectively enforce the immigration laws, and demanded immigration reform of some kind (while also suggesting that some kind of deferred action program, one of the few tools open to teh President without congressional authorization, was insufficient).

As I have been quoted in a news report,"To say that only the president is at fault because Congress has failed to act seems to not fully understand a basic principle of junior high civics."



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