Sunday, November 30, 2014

Live From Artesia: Day One


I'll be blogging this week from Artesia, New Mexico. I'm here as part of AILA's Artesia Pro Bono project.

I arrived in town just before sunset. The radio was playing The Eagles' Hotel California - I kid you not.

I spent the evening getting a very intense orientation from the wonderful on-the-ground (OTG) team here in Artesia. I was particularly pleased to hear the soothing and familiar voice of immprof Stephen Manning - welcoming us to the OTG team in an innovation lab video, naturally, with psych-up background music.

I have two bond hearings and two continuances to prep for tonight and tomorrow morning. And I expect to meet with additional clients about their bond cases. AILA is trying to secure bond for as many of the Artesia detainees as possible - all of whom are hoping to avoid transfer to Karnes.


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