Monday, November 17, 2014

Deportations violate U.S., global laws


Jennifer Moore published this op/ed in the Albuquerque Journal on the detention of Central Americans in Artesia, New Mexico.  It concludes:

"The stakes for the women and children in Artesia are very high, as are the stakes for U.S. lawmakers, public officials and citizens in our obligations to protect refugees seeking asylum on our borders.

Lawyers, law students, immigrant families, church congregations, nonprofits and community members are joining together to demand lawful and humane treatment for the women and children in immigration detention.

First, we seek humane psychosocial and material conditions of life for the moms and kids in Artesia.

Second, we seek adequate legal representation, including support for pro bono attorneys and reasonable bonds for women of limited financial means.

Third, we seek closure of the Artesia detention center and an end to the federal policy of family detention. The jailing of youth migrants and their mothers flies in the face of our humanitarian obligation to protect individuals fleeing persecution in their native lands."


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