Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Conservative Checklist on Immigration Reform

So, Obama has pledged to take "lawful action" to improve "the functioning of our immigration system." Now what?

Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation has some ideas. They've proposed the following ten changes:

  1. Remove all executive directives that contradict and override existing immigration laws.
  2. Allow agencies to enforce and apply the law without undue influence or pressure.
  3. Provide Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with improved infrastructure and technology to secure the border more effectively and efficiently.
  4. Ensure appropriate judicial and administrative procedures for adjudicating and processing unlawful immigration cases in an efficient manner.
  5. Increase enforcement against businesses that use illegal labor.
  6. Remain committed to citizen security and democratic governance throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  7. Improve USCIS’s ability to handle visa applications and prevent fraud.
  8. Report accurate immigration data and enforcement strategies to the American people.
  9. Affirm and support the role of states in enforcing immigration law.
  10. Verify the success of these reforms through untampered Census survey data.


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