Friday, October 10, 2014

Scandal from the Northwest -- Oregon First Lady: My sham marriage


The latest immigration news from Oregon is surprising to say the least.  Oregon Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber’s fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, has admitted to entering into a sham immigration marriage in 1997, calling it a “serious mistake.” “It was wrong then and it is wrong now and I am here today to accept the consequences, some of which will be life changing. And I cannot predict what direction this will go,” Hayes said in a statement.

'Earlier this week, the Willamette Week released a story questioning Hayes’ third marriage to an Ethiopian man, who was 18 at the time of the marriage. Hayes entered into the marriage so that he could stay in the United States. Hayes reportedly was paid $5000 to enter into the marriage.  

Political fallout no doubt to follow.  Legal fallout may as well, although the statute of limitations may have run on any crime that Hayes may have committed.

Hat tip to Cappy White.

UPDATE (10/12); In June, a member of the New York Assembly pleaded guilty to marriage fraud in connection with her own immigration status and left her elected post.


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