Sunday, October 19, 2014

A New Form of Protest: Taking Note - The Editorial Page Editor's Blog ‘Chant Down the Walls’ of the Metropolitan Detention Center By Lawrence Downes


Lawrence Downes reports on the latest form of immigration protests

Immigrant-rights advocates are singing in protest in downtown Los Angeles, outside the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal lockup where noncitizens are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They are protesting the Obama administration’s aggressive deportation policies and the lack of action on immigration reform.

The idea arose after a group of about 200 day laborers marched to a protest at the prison in August, and heard pounding on the windows above them. A day-laborer band, Los Jornaleros del Norte, turned its loudspeakers toward the building, and serenaded the detainees with cumbias about migrant empowerment.  The band was there earlier this week and plans to be there every Monday afternoon, from now until whenever.


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