Thursday, September 11, 2014

Immigration Law Educational Videos


Michelle Pistone has been working with several members of the immigration law teachers and scholars community about an ongoing project to produce a collection of educational videos on immigration law (and other subjects as well).  

Several of the videos were shot at UC Irvine during ImmProf are now available on the LegalED website,  Others that were shot in Irvine are still in production. 

In addition to the videos shot during ImmProf, Maureen Sweeney produced a video on the Categorical Analysis of Immigration Consequences of Criminal Actions and Stephen Manning and Juliet Stumpf produced a set  of videos for their Transformative Immigration Law course, all of which are also available on the website.

Educational videos such as these can be used to give students necessary background information outside of class, to supplement classroom teaching and possibly free up classtime for active learning exercises that enable students to use their knowledge.  If you do decide to use them in your teaching, please let Michelle Pistone at know how it works.  All feedback is welcome and encouraged.


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