Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Artesia Kaleidoscope

Marti L. Jones, AILA Member and Artesia Volunteer writes about a three week experience in Artesia providing legal assistance to Central American women and children.  The description is surreal. 

It has been reported that ICE is appealing the granting of all bonds below $30,000. The "argument"?  The release of anyone form Artesia threatens the national security of the U.S. pursuant to a 2003 ruling in In Re D-J, by Attorney General John ashcroft in which the he refused refused to bond out a Haitian noncitizen on national security grounds.  Ashcrofty reasoned that  

"INS maintains that these declarations show that there are strong concerns of national security requiring the continued detention of the respondent and similarly situated undocumented migrants pending removal proceedings. Two general areas of concern are implicated. First, there is a concern that the release of aliens such as respondent and the other October 29 migrants would tend to encourage further surges of mass migration from Haiti by sea, with attendant strains on national and homeland security resources. Such mass migrations would also place the lives of the aliens at risk. Second, in light of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, there is increased necessity in preventing undocumented aliens from entering the country without the screening of the immigration inspections process."

The U.S. government also reportedly is seeking to revoke bond that has already been posted for a number of the mothers and children. Where is the heart of the Obama admistration?  

Marti Jones leaves us with  an "iconic image from . . . Artesia: blowing in the wind against the grey clouded sky, a large, faded, very tattered, American flag."

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