Thursday, September 18, 2014

Anthropologists on Artesia

Writing for the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group blog, Lauren Heidbrink and Michele Statz have posited that their "anthropological knowledge—expertise developed through sustained ethnographic engagement with migrant youth, their families, and relevant stakeholders" could be useful in public policy discussions concerning the Artesia detention facility. They write that their research can "widen the frame of what constitutes solutions and success." Theirs is a call for anthropologists to make their research accessible, mobilize their expertise, and foster collaborations outside their field.

Related to that last point, of cross-collaboration, Professor Heidbrink recently co-authored an article with Professors Heide Castañeda and Kristin Yarris about child migration. That piece discusses the push factors for children, the "construct of the 'unaccompanied alien child'" and its problematic othering, as well as policy recommendations. It also contains this powerful photo -- taken by Professor Castañeda in McAllen, Texas -- with the following caption: "Nine-year old Carla from San Pedro Sula, Honduras used strips from Mylar foil blankets provided at the Border Patrol detention facilities to tie back her tangled hair after 6 days with no shower."



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