Saturday, August 16, 2014

Teaching Materials: The David Thronson Exercise

Professor David Thronson
photo via MSU

Many professors extoll the virtues of an immigration priorities exercise developed by Professor David Thronson of the Michigan State University College of Law.

Thronson presents a list of potential immigrants and asks you to (1) rank them in order of preference and (2) decide how many, from each potential category, you would be willing to admit.

I received a copy of this great teaching tool from the lovely Mariela Olivares of Howard Law. It is now available to all at this link.

Last year, I asked my incoming immigration law students to complete the exercise before the first day of class. It led to terrific class discussion.

This year, I am again using the exercise. I have tinkered somewhat with the list of potential immigrants. In response to current events, I've added: "a 9-year old boy from a gang-infested country with the highest murder rate in the world who entered the U.S. by himself and without authorization. He has an undocumented aunt living in Texas."


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