Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Snitch" Visa for Murderer-Turned-Cooperating Witness?

The NYT has a front-page article about a thought-provoking crimmigration issue: "how to handle crimminals who seek protection against deportation after having provided signficant cooperation to the government?"

Miguel Feliz, a non-citizen was a murderer-turned-government cooperating witness who helped lead federal authorities to solve about 3 homicides, among other things. In exchange, prosecutors and FBI agents promised Mr. Feliz that he would get an S visa, colloquially known as a "snitch" visa, because of his cooperation.  He must still serve his sentence (which he did) and, after serving his sentence, he is supposed to be able to stay in the United States.  

He completed his sentence in 2011 but the S visa never came. Indeed, in 2010, an immigration judge ordered him deported. He is currently in immigration custody where he was told that he can be deported at any time. Mr. Feliz claims that, if deported, he would be killed. 


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