Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Immigration Song: The Migrant Worker

I was inspired by Kit Johnson's post on playing immigration songs before teaching a class. I know a lot of other professors who do this but I myself have never played a song before class so I thought that I would give it a try.

This fall, I am teaching (for the ninth year!) Property Law.  The first case that I will be teaching is State v. Shack, 277 A2d 369 (1971).  In this case, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the farmworker/owner of the land may not exclude lawyers and advocates for immigrant workers who are living and working on his land. It's a great case for examining the intersection of property law and immigration law.  It was also the subject of a panel in a AALS mid-year workshop on property and immigration in 2013.

As I was searching for songs that relate to this case and the legal issues that we will be discussing, I came across the "Migrant Worker" song by Wishbone Ash. I've never heard of this song before but I thought that it would be a good fit.



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