Friday, August 8, 2014

Immigration Article of the Day: Response: Immigration Law's New Frontiers by Shruti Rana


Response: Immigration Law's New Frontiers by Shruti Rana, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law; University of California, Berkeley - School of Law March 11, 2014 75 Ohio State Law Journal Furthermore 19 (2014)

Abstract: This Essay responds to Stella Burch Elias’ article, The New Immigration Federalism, 74 Ohio St. L. J. 703 (2013). Elias’ analysis presents an insightful new way of looking at the landscape of immigration reform in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent opinions in Arizona v. United States (2012) and Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting (2011). In contrast to the majority of legal scholarship emerging around these issues, Elias’ analysis shows that state, local, or subnational engagement in immigration regulation is not dead, but rather has shifted to previously unrecognized and overlooked areas. She closely parses this emerging legal landscape, and offers compelling support for her important new analysis.


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