Sunday, July 6, 2014

What Would the Murrieta Blockaders Have the U.S. Government Do?

The Washington Post has an informative article about the competing groups of protesters in Murrieta, California with different views about the U.S. government's efforts to bring undocumented immigrants by bus for detention there.

It is uncertain to me what precisely the blockaders want except to keep the undocumented immigrants out of their community (even if they only will be in detention there).  The U.S. Constitution and the immigration laws have a process and procedure to be followed before the migrants can be removed from the United States.  Due Process of Law must be followed befor removal can be secured.  The Obama administration must comply with those laws or risk being sued.  The administration has decided to detain many of the migrants while their process is pending, which is designed to ensure that they do not fail to appear for hearings. 

Would the blockaders prefer that the administration immediately deport in violation of the law all of the migrants, including uinaccompanied minors?  Release the migrants while their cases proceed through the immigration system?  I am not sure that I have heard a rational and reasoned policy proposal from the those seeking to block the buses in Murrieta.  The comments from Murrieta sympathizers on news stories (see, for example, here) make me concerned about the possibility of reasoned discourse on the issue.


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