Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vilcek Foundation Announces Winners of the 2014 Prizes

The Vilcek Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of immigrant contributions to American arts and sciences. It recently announced the winners of the 2014 Prizes in Biomedical Science and Design, including eight immigrant designers and scientists and a total cash awards of $410,000. 

The Creative Promise Prizes are awarded to young talents who have made significant impact in their fields.

• Israeli-born Neri Oxman, winner of the 2014 Vilcek Prize for Design, is a professor at MIT and founder of the Mediated Matter Research Group based at the MIT Media Lab. She is being honored for her innovative designs of digitally fabricated materials inspired by nature.

• British-born Thomas Jessell, winner of the 2014 Vilcek Prize for Biomedical Science, is a professor at Columbia University. He is being honored for his pioneering work on the assembly and organization of neural circuits and the complex organization of the human spinal cord.

• Iranian-born Yasaman Hashemian is a game designer specializing in computer games designed to promote wellness and to improve children's health.

• Togolese-born Mansour Ourasanah is known for his product design that address social problems while retaining tyle and practicability.



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