Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ted Cruz on Immigration

  Ted cruz

 Harvard Law School trained Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been in the national news quite a bit lately, for, among other things, killing immigration reform and as a possible Republican Presidential candidate.

For those of you who are interested, here is On the Issues summary of Senator Cruz's views on immigration:

No path to citizenship for 1.65 million illegals in Texas

When discussing what to do about the 1.65 million illegal immigrants living in Texas, Cruz weaved into the Second Amendment, alleging his opponent didn't support gun rights. "What does this have to do with the question?" Sadler asked before fiercely denying his opponent's allegation. Cruz again said he didn't support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants living in America, while Sadler said the opposite, as expected. Source: WFAA-TV Dallas-Fort Worth on 2012 Texas Senate debate, Oct 2, 2012


Give police more power to ask about immigration status

Cruz accused Dewhurst of using his position as head of the Texas Senate to kill a bill last year that would have given police more power to ask anyone they detain about their citizenship status--a charge Dewhurst denied. Both agreed that the US has failed to secure its border with Mexico, and said they oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants and the Obama administration's new directive allowing many young illegal immigrants brought to the US as children to be exempted from deportation. Source: San Francisco Chronicle on 2012 Texas Senate debates, Jun 22, 2012


Boots on the ground, plus a wall

Border wall: James and Leppert oppose a wall, Dewhurst and Cruz tout "boots on the ground" and a wall in some places. Source: on 2012 Texas Senate Debate , Apr 18, 2012

Triple the size of the Border Patrol

Cruz on immigration: Wants to triple size of Border Patrol. Says Dewhurst supported in-state tuition for kids of illegal immigrants. Dewhurst: I have always been against an amnesty program. "If they want to be a citizen, they ought to go home and reapply." Dewhurst says he was against tuition for children of illegal immigrants. Source: KVUE coverage of 2012 Texas Senate debate , Mar 29, 2012


Strengthen border security and increase enforcement

Ted Cruz has worked to strengthen border security and help ensure that America remains a nation of laws. Among other efforts, he has worked on efforts to increase penalties for felons who enter the country illegally. Ted authored a U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief on behalf of 10 states in Lopez v. Gonzales, urging the strictest enforcement of laws punishing those with prior felony convictions who entered the country illegally. Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" , Jul 17, 2011



Cruz's father has stated that President Obama should be "returned" to Kenya.

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