Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ICE Raids Chicago Apartments

From Organized Communities Against Deportations

On Friday December 6th, immigration agents raided an apartment building in the north side of Chicago, knocked on all the doors looking for a suspect, and checked the immigration status of those they found in their way.

Anibal, a Chicago day laborer and father of a 6-month old US citizen, got caught in this raid, was held in immigration detention for two weeks, and could now be deported as soon as January 30th.

Send the Chicago ICE office another e-mail asking them to stop Anibal's deportation.

Since we started working with Anibal and his family, we have learned that ICE has raided this same apartment building at least 4 times. Immigration officers show up to these residential areas, wearing vests that read "Police," and questioning and detaining undocumented people like Anibal.

We are working with the neighbors and local residents who are coming together to defend their rights and organize against Anibal's deportation. Please join Anibal's family and community in organizing to stop his deportation and getting ICE out of our communities, starting by sending ICE an e-mail to stop his deportation

Thank you,

Jasmin Martinez
Organized Communities Against Deportations,
A project of Undocumented Illinois


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