Friday, November 29, 2013


David Bacon at New America Media offers sobering thoughts for farmworkers' Thanksgiving.   As families celebrated Thanksgiving, farmworkers across the country who help harvest the food they will prepare continue to struggle under bitter working and living conditions.

Jose Lopez told his story to NAM associate editor David Bacon, as part of a cooperative project with Farmworker Justice.


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Cry me a river with Mr. Lopez' situation!!!I have an issue with this article by Mr. Bacon. Mr. Lopez came here with the idea of helping his family back in Mexico. Somewhere along the way, he married and had three children. How does he expect to help his family back in Guerrero while raising three children on one salary? He has a house, where other folks who work in the field live in low income housing. He performs a job that pays low wages here and everywhere else in the world. It's not a specialized agricultural job.
Next, his kids get free breakfast and lunch at school. I commend his wife for staying at home, while other families both parents are working. Still, he chose to get married and have children.
Has he learned any English since being here?
I get fed up with articles like Mr. Bacon's, who try to bring sympathy to situations that do not merit pity.

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