Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Friends Fasting on the National Mall

From Ben Johnson of the American Immigration Council:

Dear Friends:

For the past 11 days and counting, a group of immigration reform supporters have gone without any food or drink (except for water), participating in what they are calling the "Fast for Families."  Their dedication and personal sacrifice is inspiring, and has captured the attention of members of Congress, Vice President Joe Biden, Gloria Steinem and others who stopped by to talk with them and hear their stories.

When I visited their tent on the National Mall, I could see the toll that their sacrifice was having on their bodies, but was amazed at how their spirits seem lifted by their cause.  I couldn’t help but stand in awe of their dedication and ask myself, am I really doing all I can to change the immigration policies that are causing great pain and suffering in our nation?

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope you will join me in challenging yourself with the same question and sending the fasters the love and support they deserve.

You can reach them via Facebook at on Twitter using hashtag #Fast4Families.


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