Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Immigration Activists Fast for Third Week as Thanksgiving Nears




Most Americans are preparing for Thanksgiving Day.  The big news is the bad weather that many in the United States face as they make the journey home for celebrating the holiday.

ABC News reports on a different way of "celebrating" Thanksgiving:  "For three immigration activists in Washington, D.C., this Thanksgiving won’t include plates of turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie. Instead, they will be fasting on the National Mall in the name of immigration reform."

I am rooting for them.

UPDATE (Thanksgiving Morning):  The Los Angeles Times reported on the fasters, including retired labor leader Eliseo Medina.  Sadly, some of the comments were rather callous, showing again how hard it is to even discuss the issue of immigration:

"No soup for you.........................NEXT!"

"Let's save him the starvation diet and deport him. Problem solved"

"It's a good thimg that they are going on a diet, everyone knows how fattening Mexican food is, that's why Mexico is one of the leading counties on obesity LOL !!! I hope they starve to death. They want reform. Then do something legal for once. Deport the illegals and we will start over with those who wish to immigrant legally."

"After the press goes home for their Thanksgiving dinner, that's when the unmarked churro carts and taco trucks show up."

"Thanksgiving is an American holiday and we don't celebrate it with tacos. If you want to eat tacos on the last Thursday in November, go back to wherever you came from and eat them there.  I get real tired of all the garbage about how we have to preserve this foreign culture or that. If things were so great wherever you came from, what are you doing here in the first place? America has its own language, culture and traditions. I can remember a time, not so very long ago, when there was no such thing as hyphenated Americans. We were one people and we flew one flag. We used to say, "Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor." However, we figured once you had a nap and a bite to eat, you'd go to work and take care of the poor part yourself. If every illegal alien in the US got a tent and starved to death, well, I see that as more of a solution than a problem. We do need "immigration reform". We need a zero tolerance of foreign invaders policy. We need a streamlined process to deportation. We need to close the anchor baby loophole. We need tough criminal penalties against harboring and employing illegal aliens. And, more than anything else, we need strict inforcement of our immigration laws. If you want to learn our language, become part of our culture, and be an American without any hyphens, obey our laws and do it legally."


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