Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Book Possibilities

As Thanksgoving dinner is behind us, Black Friday is dominating the thoughts of many Americans today.  I thought I might offer some ideas on immigration books that might be worth a look (and perhaps a purchase).

1.  Black-Brown Solidarity Racial Politics in the New Gulf South by John D. Márquez


2.  Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight against Muslim Fundamentalism by Karima Bennoune

3.  Shaping Our Nation: How Surges of Migration Transformed America and Its Politics by Michael Barone

4.  Born on the Border: Minutemen Vigilantes, Origins of Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Movement, and a Call for Increased Civil Disobedience by Ray Ybarra Maldonado Esq.

5.  Social Control and Justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear (2013) Editors: Maria João Guia, Maartje van der Woude and Joanne van der Leun Nominated for the Stein Rokkan Prize 2013 for Comparative Social Science Research


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