Monday, October 21, 2013

Oregon Voters to Decide on Driver's License Eligibility


As reported on ImmigrationProf blog, California recently passed a law, signed by the Governor, allowing undocumented immigrants to be eligible for driver's licenses.  AP now reports that Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown's office said Friday that opponents of a law expanding the eligibility for driver's licenses in Oregon submitted enough signatures to put a referendum before voters in November 2014 that would block the recently-passed bill from going into effect.  The Oregon law would grant four-year restricted licenses that would be marked "Driver's Card" to distinguish them from a standard Oregon license.

Earlier this year, the Legislature approved the bill with bipartisan support, and Gov. John Kitzhaber signed it into law. According to AP, "The law was aimed mainly at the tens of thousands of immigrants living in Oregon who lack legal status. But others also could apply, including some elderly, homeless people and veterans who lack the proper documents to get a regular license. All applicants must pass a driver's test and provide proof of Oregon residency."


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